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dat'l do 

After a career of 30 plus years in the field of Information Technology I have been encouraged to finally float a web site - a place where I could share my thoughts and react to what seems to be an unending sea of change.  Mostly the change is for the good, sometimes not so much.    The web site is called datldo, pronounced "dat 'il do" just as it is written which is a nod to my Pittsburgh Pa heritage.   For those not from the area or familiar with Pittsburghese as it is called, it translates to 
"That will do".

Since you found your way here somehow - please read on.

So what might you find here...

If you are seeing this you are an early visitor to this site so understand please that it is still very much a work in progress. I am building this web site from scratch because for me that is where the real joy lies, making a computer do something I want it to do. What you see here is just the excuse I need to spend hours creating the content management framework behind it.  As I said above, I have been in IT for 30 plus years and was lucky enough to do work I loved. Now I get to love the work I do here so the joy lives on. 

Besides my ramblings on topics of interest to me I will also be posting photos I have taken.  I have always enjoyed photography and now that digital images have supplanted film, the merger of tech and images has caused a re-awakening.  With the help of a good friend I am making the jump from point and shoot to mirrorless DSLRs.  That is not without some trial and error which I hope to share as well in the advent my journey might make it easier for someone who decides to go down this path as well.

* Note if you were here before this is now version 2.0 and I have basically broken everything, which will never do.  The pieces are starting to come together finally. There is now a draft version of Tech Missives and the first Things I Think I Think. I also have the  Gallery  working, so please take a moment to look.  While I have made some progress until I get things back on track the content here will be slow to change :-(  wish me luck

A Picture Is Worth...


A pictures worth really isn't a thousand words, its worth is determined by the viewer.   I like taking pictures, but that doesn't mean I am any good at it, but that also won't keep me from taking more and sharing them here in case someone else would find pleasure in them.  For instance, the banner photo on this page.  I took that picture thru the propeller of a small plane (pictured here) flying towards Mount McKinley or Denali - which is the native Alaskan name meaning "the high one".  I now have a gallery of photos to share with anyone willing to spend the time.  Just click the Gallery button.

The Gallery
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so"

Things I think I think...


According to Mark Twain "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so".   So figuring I better heed the advice of a much more acommplished writer on the I THINK... pages you will find Things I Think I Think, not necessarily things I know because they just might not be so.

More Thoughts

Tech Missives


When I started in IT PCs could only be bought at a place called Computer Land and not long after Radio Shack. The first is gone and second probably should be. Amazon was only the name of a river, there were no servers, LANs, or Internet, just massive computing machines called Mainframes and of course drawings on cave walls.   This is where I will add my thoughts to the volumes of thoughts by others on all things tech that I am interested in

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What's New

As time goes on I hope to have enough to warrant listing updates here to make it easier for the return visitor. Until then it is a place holder and a constant reminder that I  have promised more...




I have decided to incorporate a gallery provided by Adobe Lightroom using creative cloud. There are now several collections of photos out there so please click thru to enjoy them all.

Things I think I Think


A list of the latest random thoughts

The first I THINK... is online, it is called:
The Corona Virus Changes Everything.

Tech Missives        


The first of my missives is now online... WebDev 01 - Why build a CMS?

Coming Soon - One Drive to rule them all

About this site...


When I have enough material this will be dedicated to my experience trying to build a CMS for this web site.  I am sure most will ask why, and the illogical answer is because I like to